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How it works ?

With, I regularly record my weight to automatically generate my weight curve in order to observe my progress, see the evolution of my BMI - Body Mass Index and IMG - Fat Mass Index.


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Calculation of averages

Measure your progress with the calculation of weekly averages


Set yourself goals and watch your progress

Track my weight online

Register and create your weight curves simply online. Follow the evolution of your BMI and visualize the progress made day after day, week after week with the calculation of the weekly averages in order to smooth the evolution of your weight. Stay in line with

I'm aiming for a goal

I record goals to reach and visualize the progress of my weight loss / gain.

I record my weight

By logging in regularly, I record my weight in the interface. The application automatically calculates all my values: BMI, IMG, averages.

I visualize my progress

I have access to my weight curves over several periods (7 days, 15 days, 1 or 2 months ...) to see my evolution.


Registered weights


Graphics generated